2. Product creation


Raw Materials

It is said that gthe quality of the raw material determines 90% of the quality of the product.h The quality of raw materials is important particularly in the planning of organic products that make the most of the natural characteristics of the raw materials, and minimize chemical treatments and processing.

In principle, all ten-i muhou products are made from 100% organic cotton certified by either of the following organizations which have the highest international credibility among more than 300 certification bodies in the world.
- Certification bodies officially approved by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
- ISO Guide 65-certified certification bodies

However, different species produce cotton of different qualities, even if they all have the same organic certification. In addition, differences in soil and/or climate can also affect the characteristics of the cotton. This is why the production of ten-i muhou products starts by visiting farms and spinning plants to examine the quality of the raw materials with our own eyes and hands, so that we can single out the best possible materials.

Most organic cotton products like towels and cut-and-sewn tops are made from cotton with 28 mm or shorter fibers. But ten-i muhou products are made from extra long staple cotton, which has finer and longer fibers (at least 35 mm) than ordinary cotton. The reason we use extra long staple cotton is that each fiber is very long, allowing you to have full control over the characteristics of the yarn, including everything from fine yarns to loose yarns. Using these different types of yarns enables us to produce thin and light fabrics and soft and comfortable products.